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Bone of Contention

The theory of evolution has been a “Bone of Contention” for the past 150 years. But is it true? This is a question Sylvia Baker examines here.

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The original material was first published in Evangelical Times in 1976. It has been in almost continuous publication since then and has been translated into many languages. Many people have found it a very helpful introduction to origins issues.

This is the 3rd edition of “Bone of Contention”, with updates and new material throughout its pages.

Sylvia Baker is a biology graduate of the University of Sussex and the University of London. She accepted the evolutionary theory put to her at school and at university - until the pressure of evidence forced her to rethink the whole question.

Here, in a fresh, clear style, which avoids unnecessary terms, she sets out the evidence and her conclusions.

Articles in pdf format from Origins about this book :

Published January 2003.
ISBN 0 946362 04 1
Cost: £3.50

Available from Christian bookshops and the BCS.

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