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"John Ray's Diary" is an attempt to bring Ray's Christian principles to the fore when commenting on contemporary issues in science. This is in two parts: first some comments on contemporary issues and secondly Pick of the Web

John Ray's Diary

The Genesis Flood 50+ years on
At the 1959 Darwin Centennial Celebration in Chicago, Sir Julian Huxley confidently announced the triumph of evolution and the death of creationism. But with hindsight his declaration was premature. For only two years later, a book was published that was to reinvigorate biblical creationism on a worldwide scale. That book was The Genesis Flood by John C. Whitcomb and Henry M. Morris, a publication which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year. In this article we will trace the history of Christian thought that led to The Genesis Flood being written and seek to evaluate its impact over the last five decades.

British Humanists campaign to restrict academic freedom
This week has seen the launch of a new website, registered by the British Humanist Association. The issue relates to education and the way the subject of origins is handled. The organisations in the campaign are the ... Read more here

Creationism, Intelligent Design and Darwinism this week on Channel 4
4thought.tv is a Channel 4 project has the goal of encouraging conversations about religious, spiritual and ethical subjects within our society. This week, the issues of Creationism, Intelligent Design and Darwinism are being aired.
Each day at 7.55pm Channel 4 will broadcast a different 2-minute film in which someone answers the question 'Is it possible to believe in God and Darwin?' The films will then be posted on the project vwebsite www.4thought.tv, with spaces for viewers to leave their comments and thoughts on the piece, and respond to other viewer's comments.
The full series will run from Monday 6 June - Sunday 12 June, and the first video will appear online on Monday night after it has been broadcast on television.
Monday 6th June: Dr Sandré Fourie Christian and creationist
Dr Sandré Fourie is a veterinary surgeon who thinks that Darwin's theory of evolution is Satan's attack on God. She believes that the word of the Bible is literally true in explaining that God created the world in six days.
Wednesday 8th June: Dr Alastair Noble
Dr Alastair Noble does not believe that Darwin's theory of random mutations is a full explanation for the existence of life. He believes that there is clear evidence of design in nature and that science needs to take the theory of Intelligent Design seriously.
Thursday 9th June: Alanna Maltby Atheist and evolutionary biologist,
Alanna Maltby thinks that science has no room for creationism and that humans are arrogant if they believe that they have not evolved from animals.
Sunday 12th June: Dr Stephen Lloyd
Stephen Lloyd has worked in science research and in Christian ministry. He is working part-time with Paul Garner within Biblical Creation Ministries and has had many opportunities to discuss these issues with theistic evolutionists and show the importance and relevance of the biblical creation message.

Please use this opportunity to join in the debate online at www.4thought.tv.

On Darwin anniversaries
(This text is the Editorial in Origins 50-51, December 2009)
In this bicentennial year of Darwin's birth and the 150 th anniversary of the publication of “On the Origin of Species”, it is appropriate to reflect on the way occasions for celebration have been marked.
First we look at a lecture delivered by Thomas Huxley to the Royal Institution on March 19, 1880. This was to mark 21 years since the publication of Darwin's magnum opus and it establishes a standard for rhetoric and polemic for all subsequent celebrations. From our vantage point of history, we have to interpret Huxley's words as a combination of wishful thinking and spin. He passes over those aspects of evolutionary theory that were problematic (Darwinism had no theory of inheritance, natural selection as a creative force was still controversial, the fossil record provides evidence of animal radiations from an ancestral population - but this does not confirm Darwinian gradualism nor does it explain the origin of those ancestral populations). Huxley's willingness to elevate evolution to “historical fact” should be interpreted as a deduction from his own atheistic worldview, which makes evolution a necessity. Read more

Has the Royal Society’s rough handling of Michael Reiss backfired? On 11 September 2008, Professor Michael Reiss, then Director of Education of the Royal Society, addressed a British Association Festival of Science meeting and suggested that science education must incorporate respect for the individual and teachers need to recognise that creationists have a worldview which differs in significant ways from our secular culture. Read more ...

'How to live with Delusion - a response to The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins" If matter is all there is, governed by the laws of physics and chemistry, what becomes of personality, consciousness, morality and free agency? What has Richard Dawkins to say on these issues that are central to our thinking about who we are and what is our place in the world?  Read more ...

'Truth in Science' deserves our appreciation! Outrage and alarm was the media greeting for the launch of the ‘Truth in Science’ initiative on 20 September 2006.  Schools up and down the country were sent two DVDs with a study guide helping teachers to utilise these materials in biology lessons.  Instead of welcoming a constructive and stimulating input to the educational process, the denunciations were almost universal. Read more ...

Recolonisation and Earth History. The Committee of the Biblical Creation Society have noted a web page on the Answers in Genesis web site which refers to several members of BCS (who are also contributors to Origins) as "compromisers" who have "allowed their 'science' to lead their understanding of the Bible, rather than the reverse." The AiG authors are referring to the Recolonisation approach to understanding geology and the fossil record. To find out what the Committee thinks about this, click here ...

Rod Liddle on the New Fundamentalists. Rupert Kaye writes: "I tuned in to watch this edition of Dispatches (screened on Channel 4 at 8pm on Monday 6 March 2006) in eager expectation that Rod Liddle would visit a number of new Christian schools to find out if, how and why they are distinctive. After all, there was plenty for him to have got his teeth into." To read more, please click here ...

How should Christians assess Intelligent Design? ID should be welcomed by Christians. It is far from being an intrusion into our intellectual heritage. ID leaders are expressing clearly and incisively an understanding of the created order that is essentially biblical. Our forefathers held similar views, but their thoughts lacked maturity and were expressed in a less rigorous way. In essence, ID is the view that intelligent design is manifested in the created order. Design is not an aesthetic response to creation or a subjective feeling. Design is really there. Concluding that life is designed is not a matter of faith, but a matter of physical evidence. . ... Click here for more

Intelligent Design - Science education and design in the natural world: Judging by media interest, the concept of Intelligent Design (ID) is having a major impact in the USA.. ... Click here for more

The Amazing Shrinking Humans from Flores: On 28th October 2004, something genuinely novel appeared in the pages of Nature and hit the front pages of newspapers around the world.. ... Click here for more

Pope Benedict XVI and his challenge to evolutionary theorists: Pope Benedict XVI says "We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution." ... Click here for more

Questioning Orthodoxy: Dr. Alan Feduccia Speaks on the Origin of Birds A Report by Casey Luskin Click here to read more ...

High Priests of Evolution: . ... Click here for more

Teaching that does justice to the data about origins: In early September 2004, the media carried... Click here to read more ...

Just-so stories and Design Explanations: the Elephant’s Trunk. On Monday 9 August 2004, BBC Radio 4 ... Click here to read more ...

The BBC Floats with Noah– but not the biblical one! On March 21st, the BBC showed a “drama documentary” on Noah’s ark. Click here to read more...

Pick of the Web

December 2013

C.S. Lewis and Intelligent Design: A New Documentary (14 November 2013) Throughout his life, C.S. Lewis struggled with what he called the “argument from undesign,” the reality that nature exhibits cruelty and imperfection as well as purpose and beauty. A new 17-minute documentary tells about Lewis’s fascinating personal journey to find evidence of intelligent design in nature despite natural evil.

Logged Out, by Casey Luskin, Salvo 27 (Winter 2013)The "tree of life" has become the most famous icon representing Darwin's theory of evolution. In fact, it was his only illustration in On the Origin of Species. But does the tree of life exist?

Not Only Is Earth One Nice Planet Among Many, but Our Entire Universe Is Lost in a Crowd, by Denyse O'Leary, Evolution News & Views (2 December 2013)An update on the many concepts underpinning the multiverse .

November 2013

Euthanasia - what does the Bible say? , by Peter Saunders, Christian Medical Comment (7 November 2013) A clear statement of Biblical teaching, based on the creation of mankind in the image of God.

Francis Collins’ Big Think Big Cop Out, by Wesley J. Smith, Human Exceptionalism (November 9, 2013) In this blog, a leading theistic evolutionist is taken to task for failing to apply biblical principles to ethical decisions.

How old is the earth?, by Jonathan Sarfati, Refuting Evolution, Chapter 8. Every instance of the evolution of languages is produced by intelligent agents.

October 2013

Science supremacists,, by Cheaney, J.B., World Magazine (18 October 2013). An aggressive scientism seeks to take charge of spheres well beyond science’s expertise. Cheaney comments on the views of Stephen Pinker.

September 2013

An atheist professor converts to Christianity., by Joe Carter (Acton Institute Blog, Monday, May 6, 2013). The testimony of Richard Lumsden.

August 2013

A Simple Proposed Model For Function of the Human Vitamin C GULO Pseudogene, by Jonathan M. (Evolution News & Views, 21 August 2013). Many have claimed that the GULO pseudogene associated with Vitamin C non-production is a "silver bullet" argument for evolution, but this article shows the strength of design-based research approaches.

What Junk DNA? It’s an Operating System, by Dimond, P.F. (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News., (8 August 2013). Noncoding gene sequences are not junk, but control gene expression and influence disease processes.

June 2013

Edith Schaeffer - A Very Special Heritage, by Ranald Macaulay (Christian Heritage, 27 May 2013). Remembering a very special lady.

May 2013

Is Belief in the Second Coming of Christ Bad for Creation?, by Joe Carter (Acton Institute Blog, Monday, May 6, 2013). A rebuttal of the claim that Christians who look forward to the second coming of Christ don’t care about environmental devastation.

Modern Y-Chromosome Variation Surpasses Archaic Humans, by Jeffrey Tomkins (ICR Science Update, 6 May 2013) Neanderthals and Denisovans were well within the DNA variability range of modern humans and not extinct primitive evolutionary offshoots of the human lineage.

In the Context of Human Artifacts, Something Like Darwinian Evolution Actually Does Happen, by Tom Bethell (Evolution News & Views, May 14, 2013) Every instance of the evolution of languages is produced by intelligent agents.

April 2013

Evolution's Central Claim Has Not Yet Been Observed, by Tom Bethell (Evolution News & Views, March 23, 2013). A challenge to Darwinists: support your claim, that macroevolution is microevolution extrapolated, with evidence.

Investigating the science behind Creationism, by Martin Kentish (My Christian Daily, 3 April 2013) Testimony of a journey from theistic evolution to creationism. (Also here.)

The Unpredictable Pattern of Bioluminescence, by Brian Thomas (Acts & Facts, April 2013, 42 (4): 17) Dozens of different kinds of animals can bioluminesce, multiplying their Maker’s glory.

March 2013

A Good Man Under a Bad Emperor: James Shapiro's "Natural Genetic Engineering", by David Klinghoffer (Evolution News & Views, March 5, 2013). We have much common ground with Shapiro - we have to give prominence to the issue of information within cells.

Did the eye really evolve in a geological blink?, By Vincent Torley (March 2013) A thorough review of a much-acclaimed model of eye evolution.

When atheists break ranks, Subby Szterszky. FOCUSinsights (26 March 2013) An explanation as to why Thomas Nagel’s new book creates a headache for materialists.

January 2013

A road trip with a difference! Creationism on trial, by Phil Robinson (CMI, 24 January 2013). Comments on the BBC television documentary “Creationism: Conspiracy Road Trip” aired October 2012.

Book Review: “Darwin and Lady Hope". Reviewer: Todd C. Wood, (Evangelical Times, September 2012) Discussion of Charles Darwin’s reported deathbed conversion to Christianity.

December 2012

Humanism for children, by William Lane Craig, Washington Post, Guest Voices (blog of 10 December 2012). Commentary on the American Humanist Association’s new Web site for children promoting a naturalistic/atheistic perspective on science and sexuality.

October 2012

Dembski, W.A., Design Inference vs. Design Hypothesis, Evolution News & Views (1 October 2012). A clear explanation as to why design inferences and design hypotheses are mutually reinforcing, and why they are valid within science.

Book Review: “Among the Creationists” Author: Jason Rosenhouse. Reviewer: Todd C. Wood, The Colossian Forum (2 October 2012). A good antidote to stereotypes afflicting the Creation-Evolution debate.

Responding to ENCODE “Skeptics”, by Dr. Fazale Rana, Reasons to Believe (8 October 2012). A response to skeptics who say the ENCODE project results have been overhyped and misconstrued.

Ruse, M. Curb your enthusiasm, Aeon Magazine (October 2012) With high priests, holy writ and excommunications, Humanism is acting like a religion.

September 2012

A Real Darwinian Eye-opener at Malvern, by Alastair Noble, Centre for Intelligent Design (September 2012). Report of the Intelligent Design Conference at Malvern, England, on September 28/29, 2012

July 2012

The Manifest Destiny of Artificial Intelligence, by Brian Hayes, American Scientist (July-August 2012, 100(4), 282-287). A useful analysis showing why AI produces mindless machines that will never be conscious.

The Giant’s Causeway controversy: some free advice, by Paul Garner (The New Creationism (blog), 6 July 2012) A response to the National Trust being besieged by critics about a new exhibition centre.

Jun 2012

Science and Human Origins:A Review, by Jonathan M. (Evolution News & Views, June 25, 2012). A thoughtful and timely evaluation of the scientific evidence bearing on the question of human origins.

Richard Dawkins in furious row with EO Wilson over theory of evolution, by Vanessa Thorpe (The Observer, Sunday 24 June 2012) A book review sparks a war of words between a grand old man of biology and Oxford's most high-profile Darwinist.

People Matter, by Bruce S. Thornton, (City Journal, 22 June 2012) Robert Zubrin critiques antihumanism in his book: Merchants of Despair.

May 2012

Still Set in Stone:A Response to Stephen Moreton, by Paul Garner (The New Creationism, May 21, 2012) A response to a critique of the DVD “Set in Stone” by chemist/mineralogist Stephen Moreton.

April 2012

Creationism and Free Schools,a “Voice of Russia London” radio debate with Sylvia Baker as a participant. Originally broadcast on 30 March 2012 (28 minutes).

Exquisite Design, by Ann Gauger (Biologic Institute, 27 April 2012) and ...

Intricate Coordination, by Ann Gauger (Biologic Institute, 30 April 2012) The first two instalments of a series on protein structure and why it challenges the Darwinian story.

March 2012

The God gap, by Stephen Cave (Financial Times, January 20, 2012), Review of recent books exploring the tensions between atheist explanations of the world and the human condition.

The God wars, by Bryan Appleyard (New Statesman, 28 February 2012), Reflections on why the followers of reason (the new atheists) are so unreasonable.

Workplace lawsuit gets NASA tangled up in evolution debate, By Gillian Flaccus (msnbc.com, 12 March 2012), The Expelled file expands: this Cassini team member claims NASA have terminated his employment because of anti-Darwin views

The Church Fathers on the Genesis Flood,by Paul Garner (CMI: 28 February 2012), Belief in a worldwide Flood with geological effects is not a twentieth-century innovation

Archived Pick of the web(if these links become dead they will be marked as such)

John Ray (1627-1705) was a pioneering English naturalist and botanist who contributed significantly to the identification of different species and to making "species" the ultimate unit of taxonomy. He has been called the "father" of natural history in Britain. He was a contemporary of John Newton and Robert Boyle (fellow pioneers in physics and chemistry respectively). Ray was a committed Christian and saw no conflict of interest between his Christian faith and his scientific pursuits. In particular, he argued strongly that the wisdom of God is manifested in his creation, and that design thinking was a natural ally of scientific research.

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