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Originally published as "Stammt der Mensch von Adam ab?" by Hänssler-Verlag, Neuhausen-Stuttgart. This is a translation from the 5th Edition, 1998, by Steven J. Robinson and collaborators. Published by BCS in 2000.

ISBN 0-946362-03-3

From the Introduction:

Almost everyone knows something about the origin of species or the theory of evolution. At any rate, everyone has heard that "man descended from the apes" or that "man and apes have a common ancestor" - and often enough. While not everyone reflects on the significance of the claim, almost everyone "knows" that it is true. We learn it as a fact not only in school lessons, but also from newspapers and magazines, or from television.

The theory of evolution stands in contradiction to a historical understanding of the biblical story about origins. The first human couple attested in the creation account of the Bible cannot have existed if what happened was an evolutionary ascent of man from the animal kingdom. If man evolved from the animals, at what point was he made "in the image of God"? Placing great confidence in science and its objectivity, many people do not believe in the biblical account; or else they view it only as a symbolic representation of some timeless truth. Accordingly, people are taught (in religious education classes, for example, that the Bible intends to say only that God created, while science gives us particulars as to the how. In this way the evolutionary origin of man is said to be compatible with the Bible's testimony regarding the creation of the first human beings. That a number of essential statements in the Bible must be reinterpreted is apparently either not noticed or consciously accepted.

But what evidence is there for this evolutionary development to mankind?
Is the case against a historical Adam and Eve as strong as it is made out to be?
In 13 short chapters, this 40-page booklet reviews all the main issues and concludes: "Overall, then, one may conclude that the scientific data can be meaningfully interpreted within a biblical historical framework, even if numerous questions remain open".

This A5-sized booklet is essential reading for all interested in these issues. You can purchase it direct from BCS using the Publications Order Form, or approach your local Christian bookshop.

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