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This diverse range of articles seeks to show that the Bible provides a solid foundation not only for our understanding of origins but also for every aspect of life.

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Evolution: Good Science? by Dominic Statham - Download Bulgarian translation

September 2006, during the annual field trip of the Earth Science Group.

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The Bible has crucial things to say...

...on the origin and diversity of living things
...on 'life' issues and the nature of man
...and the environment

Biblical guidelines on these and related matters are of supreme relevance to Christians, science and society today. 

We respectfully challenge fellow Christians who have accepted holistic evolutionary explanations of the living world to reconsider the issues. We believe we have a constructive response to their questions founded on scripture.

The Biblical Creation Society is a Christian society that advances and defends the Biblical teaching on creation. We seek to think through issues related to origins from a coherent Biblical and scientific standpoint:

The World Around Us virtual museum
.... provides a post-Darwinian view of some relevant evidence
"The study of science fires pupils' curiosity about phenomena in the world around them and offers opportunities to find explanations ... pupils learn how knowledge and understanding in science are rooted in evidence."The National Curriculum, Science Key Stage 3
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Paul Garner of BCS and BCM

Paul Garner of BCS and BCM
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